Thursday, May 26, 2011

More FTL limits

Lets impose another limit.  The summary of what we have:
  1. Limitations that make sense
  2. Jump Drive 1.1 - What I don't like
  3. An implication of the FTL system
  4. Travel to another star
 So far, I have not placed much restriction on where one enters hyperspace in relation to where one emerges.  Lets do that now.   The restriction is that one travels on a straight line between the centre of mass or the origin system and the centre of mass of the destination.  Further, that line cannot pass through a point where the "flatness of space" criterion is invalidated (a safe enough bet, given the sparsity of stars, but still).  We can assume that the parameters are reasonably loose, say a volume roughly equal to that of Jupiter; still, it means that you do have some travel in system between jumps to get to the next departure point.  This may be enough to allow a relaxation of the distance related time penalty to allow simply instantaneous jumps.

It may imply that we have instantaneous knowledge of the movement of mass -- at least at a stellar mass level -- within a binary system.  Which starts to give me problems I must think through.

Also, Ken Burnside has made a good point in a post in this discussion:

The real question in any kind of strategic campaign game is this:
How do you prevent Pearl Harbor style attacks from ending the game?
If you have something like Traveller jump numbers, you get something like hard frontiers. At the extreme end, you get something like Starfire warp points.

If you have the ability to go from any star to any star, with only travel time being the deciding factor, you get nebulous frontiers.

If you can go from any star to any other star with all travel times being the same, you get no frontiers.

A problem with 'campaign games' is that hitting with overwhelming force as the first move can be a winning strategy, not because you've delivered the decisive blow to your opponent, but because you have made the game not-fun and your opponent quits.

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