Friday, May 27, 2011

Spectral types in Hyg

These are interesting data.  We all know Oh, Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me.  It used to include "Right Now Sweets" until the R, N and S types were demoted.  However, spectral classification is a lot more complicated than that.  Thankfully, with a few exceptions, the data look to be reasonably amenable to parsing.  Which is good, because aside from nulls there are at 4013 distinct values in the 119000 catalog entries.  We need to develop (and encode in the database) enough understanding to provide input to a  game-grade star system generation model.

There are a couple of interesting peculiarities in the data, and I am not sure yet how to interpret them.  For example A1III/IV is clearly an A1 which is somewhere between a super-giant and giant.  We can just drop it into one of the two categories or encode it as is and assign an intermediate mass.

How about A8/A9V? I think, judging from other entries, is a main sequence A type intermediate between A8 ad A9 I am fairly sure F6IV + F6IV is a binary with a pair of F6 giants. G0/G1:+... on the other hand would be a start somewhere between G0 and G1 of uncertain luminosity with a fuzzy spectrum in a pair with -- well "..." just means Damned If I Know.

So, the two next tricks are:
  1. Develop a coding that incorporates what we need to know.
  2. Implement a parser that takes one of these descriptions and plops out our code.

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