Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I draw your attention to this map, from the project rho star-mapping site.  It is a subset of this map, showing only stars similar enough to our own to be good candidates for Earth-like planets.  Both push out to 50ly.  I think this is a good start point.  We want to emphasize the habitable systems and allow the small red dwarfs be significant only for compelling strategic reasons -- that will punch out the limits of the map, since as we go out to 50ly there are probably a lot of dim stars missed.

I also need to establish a frontier zone so that "known space" has an "outside" that is within the scope of the data we have.  And most of all, I have to find a way to present the data that works and is easy to visualize and work with.


  1. Hi Les

    Error messages for both to this map and of this map

    You don't have permission to access /HabHYG50lyHab.gif on this server.

  2. Curious; I am able to reach them but it may be a link-through thing. The page to link to them from is:

    They are the last 2 that start "HabHyg", just before the Interstellar Empire Framework section.

  3. This gets me to them. Thanks
    I actually think I've been here before.

  4. It is the about the best "sf support" website anywhere bar none.