Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seriously cool little program

At work, I use visio to toss together small design diagrams.  But that costs money - money I could use for important things like miniatures.

But it looks like I have found my home use tool -- yEd.  It is the first free program I have found that lets me toss together a good-looking crow's-foot notation ER diagram.


  1. Viso is incredibly useful. I use it to make "node" star maps, charting jump points.
    I write a program (I personally prefer Python) that imports the star data, calculate the jump links, and writes the data in a format that yEd can import.
    yEd imports the data, then you can use yEd's autoformat to move the star nodes around to clarify the jump linkages.

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  3. I did learn about it from your site - a phrase which I should set up as a macro because it applies to 80% of the posts on this blog.

    Programming language is, of course, largely a matter of taste. I prefer Java these days because it has become the backbone of how I earn my living.

    For computer generated graphs (at work, in this case) I use graphViz (http://www.graphviz.org/) mostly because its notation is very simple and does not presuppose an understanding of the final graph.

    Thanks for commenting!
    (edit: I must learn to proof read *before* pressing submit)

  4. Well, the main reason I use yEd is so I can presuppose an understanding of the final graph and abuse its autoformat ability. ;)

    And while you have learned things from my site, you have taken them to the next level. I am very impressed. I will watch this blog with interest.