Monday, July 4, 2011

More database progress

I've found a repository of multiple star catalogs

This includes catalogs of visual binaries which are going to quite close; and other fun stuff besides.  I am making good progress on techniques for working with the Hyg database initial load to track change and to get close to complete for as many stars as possible.  My next step with that data will be to nail as much as I can for the solitary objects, then see how I can integrate this binary data.

I've also been looking at how easy to parse the Bayer/Flamsteed name is.  If you look at some samples, it is just:
25    Psc
7Rho Cas
26    Psc
Eta Tuc
84Psi Peg

<0,1,or 2 digits of Flamsteed's Number><3 character abbreviated Greek letter name, left justified, may be spaces><1 digit distinguishing number, may be space><3 character abbreviated constellation name>.

I was thinking of parsing these out, but why bother?  You can search using like and get the right results, and the real fun is having that nifty Greek glyph output on a map.

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