Friday, March 22, 2013

A file processing approach

You can tell I am old by the fact I am going to do the initial processing by files.  Remember, though, the objective is to produce a set of files that can be loaded into a relational database.

The first step (phase 0) will be to split the full Hyg2.0 file to extract the name information and location information for loading.  This will let us concentrate on a file of core fields that will describe the spectral information from which mass and luminosity will be derived along with simplified spectral types.

After that, the core fields file will be processed in a series of steps each of which will solve one processing problem and generate an output file with the stars solved in that step.  Stars that cannot be solved will be output to an ever-decreasing rejects file which will be input for the next phase.

Once no rejects are left, all the phase outputs will be loaded into the database.

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