Friday, March 29, 2013

Lets look at mass

First, I have applied a simple filter to the data, I have drastically reduced the bulk of the HYG dataset; by restricting myself to a 100 parsec radius from sol I get down to 24,638 objects.  This is convenient since, among other things, it lets me load data into a spreadsheet to play with various formulas.

Now I can work through the first set of mass and luminosity calculations. The data has 7176 well-formed solitary spectral entries for class V (main sequence) starts.  I will use a table from Gillet's World Building to interpolate the mass and luminosity.  There are more sophisticated techniques I could apply based on bolometric correction and relationships between main sequence stars, but in terms of fitness for use this should be good enough.  If I get better mass data (say from exosolar planet search) I will backfit it.

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