Saturday, April 20, 2013

Jump distance rules

I've been considering an interesting way to limit distance of jumps (for games and SF of course)  for a while  - something simple and not particularly concerned with units.

A simple approach would be to use  a relationship like:

Where M is the mass of the destination, and r is in parsecs.

Looking at a few examples, this would let us jump to Sirius (mass of primary+companion roughly 3 solar masses) over about 5.5 parsecs.  One could jump to our Sol  system from as far away as 3.2 parsecs.  To reach a A small M main sequence star like Gliese 185 one would need to be within 1.4 parses.

We are not all that close to any very massive stars; however this limit does have an interesting asymmetry; there will be many jumps that are possible in one direction buy not the other.

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